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Appointments in Nordic Business Forum’s Leadership Team

We are proud to announce that we have two new members in our Nordic Business Forum Leadership Team. Salla Seppä is our new Chief Customer Experience Officer, and Priit Liiv is our new Chief Operating Officer.

“This year has been different for Nordic Business Forum in many ways. Now, we are reorganizing ourselves to even better contribute to our mission: building leaders who change the world. To thrive in the future, we need a strong and professional leadership team, and thus we’ve made two appointments for the team”, says Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

Salla Seppä appointed the Chief Customer Experience Officer of Nordic Business Forum

Salla Seppä, former Head of Customer Experience at Nordic Business Forum, has been appointed as the new Chief Customer Experience Officer and a member of the company’s leadership team. She will be responsible for Nordic Business Forum’s holistic customer experience strategy and implementation.

“This appointment reflects Nordic Business Forum’s strong focus on customer experience as one of our key differentiators. We’ve always had customers in our hearts. Through our new solutions, we are now moving from inspiring our customers two days a year to being there for them throughout the year. Our ambition remains to be the customer experience benchmark across everything we do.”, says Aslak de Silva, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

“I’m excited to join Nordic Business Forum’s leadership team to drive our ambitious customer experience work further. Exceptional customer experience is one of the things Nordic Business Forum is known for. We believe in inspiring business leaders by providing them with unforgettable learning and networking experiences and helping them run better businesses as a result”, says Salla Seppä, the new CXO of Nordic Business Forum.

Nordic Business Forum and Salla Seppä with her team were awarded the “Customer Experience of the Year” award by CXPA Finland in 2018. Salla is a sought-after speaker, expert and contributor in the field of customer experience and also co-authoring a book on B2B customer experience (to be published by Alma Talent in early 2021). Before joining Nordic Business Forum in 2016, Salla worked for 15 years in brand and marketing roles at Nokia and Microsoft.

Priit Liiv Appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Nordic Business Forum

Priit Liiv, the former Baltic Area Manager and a partner at Nordic Business Forum, has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer of the company and a member of the company’s leadership team. He will be leading the company’s operations including international sales and partner relations, customer service department, and HR function.

“This appointment is a very natural step for our company. Priit has played a crucial role in building our international operations by, for example, making the Baltic area the biggest market for Nordic Business Forum outside of Finland. Our company has gone through some significant changes this year. Priit has already been in our company for years and has valuable experience that’s needed in leading and running our operative side. Our company is also looking to expand internationally, and Priit as the new COO will strengthen our capabilities for these future steps.”, says Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

“Internationalization is a big focus for Nordic Business Forum in the coming years. The developments on the online side of the event industry also provide new opportunities for us to grow beyond borders. We also believe that by making our events even more international, we can provide more value to our existing customers since the diversity among event participants makes the peer-learning and networking opportunities more enhanced. I’m excited and eager to contribute to the next phase of Nordic Business Forum story”, says Priit Liiv, the new COO of Nordic Business Forum.

Priit joined Nordic Business Forum already in 2012, and has mainly been responsible for our operations in the Baltic market. In addition, he has been in charge of partner relations at our events and he has also been leading our international sales team. Before joining Nordic Business Forum, Priit was leading a business mentoring program in Enterprise Estonia and has B2B sales experience from different sectors.

Now, the Nordic Business Forum leadership team consists of 4 members: Aslak de Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Kustås, Executive Producer, Priit Liiv, Chief Operating Officer, and Salla Seppä, Chief Customer Experience Officer.


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