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International Tickets Still Left for NBF 2014 – Tickets for Finland Sold Out

The ticket sales for Nordic Business Forum 2014 has been amazing. Now almost seven months prior to the event, we have sold over 5,150 tickets of which 600 to international guests. The total number of seats in the event is 5,300.

There are only around 130 tickets left for international customers to Seating Section 2. International customers can register here. Finnish companies can also buy tickets to their international guests.

The quota of tickets allocated for Finnish customers has been now sold out. Finnish customers can register on a waiting list. We will contact the people on the waiting list in case there are customers who have leftover tickets they would like to sell forward.

Finnish customers can put their name on the waiting list here »

Nordic Business Forum 2014 is held on October 9-10 2014 in Helsinki. The main theme of the event is Forward and the sub-topics are Choosing Excellence, Building the Future and Growing with Purpose. Speakers include Jim Collins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Alex Ferguson and Dambisa Moyo. Read more »


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