Nordic Business Forum Oy has made a commitment to voluntary service: Inspiration for two

In the 2011 Nordic Business Forum seminar Nordic Business Forum Oy made a commitment to voluntary service in entrepreneurship education. The commitment began on the 30.9.2011. From that day onwards, Nordic Business Forum Oy began providing a day of entrepreneurship education to a Finnish schoolchild for every seminar or training ticket sold.

The education will be provided in junior high schools and high schools around Finland. The work will be done on a 100% voluntary basis by Nordic Business Forum Oy, and will not be subsidized by the government. The work will be done on behalf of the freshly founded Global Dignity Finland, founded by professor Pekka Himanen, spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship, of tolerance, and the message that every person has a right to a life worth living.

Read more about the Inspiration for two commitment and Global Dignity here >>


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