The Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship is now Nordic Business Forum Oy

The name “The Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship” has now been fully removed from use, following the previously published plan. The new name, Nordic Business Forum Oy, was chosen for its representation of our international yearly main event. We will be updating the website to include the name change. We are sorry for any mistakes or deficiences while the website is being updated.

The name change is part of a larger internationalization and collaboration process. The name of our main event “Weekend Seminar” was changed earlier to the more international “Nordic Business Forum”. Also, as published before, the name of our company was planned to be changed to Nordic Business Forum Oy in November. This change process is now being finalized. From this day on, we will be using the name Nordic Business Forum Oy in all our communications.

The decision to change our name was made last August in agreement with the initiative by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The change fits into our plans perfectly. The reason for the initiative was the similarity between the names “Suomen yrittäjäyhteisö / Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship”(limited liability company, member of Suomen Yrittäjät ry) and “Suomen Yrittäjät ry” (Federation of Finnish Enterprises), which could potentially lead to confusion.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is the largest central organization for entrepreneurs, comprising over 112 000 member companies. Members include companies from the fields of commerce, transport, service, industry and contracting. The organization structure of members is similar to an organizational structure of a company. Half of the members are sole entrepreneurs, and the other half employers. Of Finland’s 88 000 employers, 52 000 are members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. As a support organization and a voice for us entrepreneurs they are doing a very important job on behalf of the whole society.

Read more about the history of Nordic Business Forum here >>


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