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4 Reasons to Attend Nordic Business Forum 2024

Why do people attend Nordic Business Forum? Or better yet, why should you attend? There are many reasons why people choose to come to the event, and why they keep returning (we met someone who had attended nine times already, and we are sure that they aren’t the only one). This time, we have some data to back up their reasons.

At Nordic Business Forum 2023, we asked attendees to vote on why they chose to attend the event. Based on the poll and this year’s feedback survey, we found four main reasons people come to Nordic Business Forum.

Learning and Development

A staggering majority of responders (about 80%) said that learning is one of the main reasons why they want to join the event. And no wonder, since it is a wonderful opportunity to learn from industry leaders and explore various timely topics. Attendees also listed “becoming a better leader” as one of their key motivations to attend.

Many of our speakers rarely venture into the Nordics, and having them live in Helsinki is a special treat. Every year their speeches relate to our main event theme: in 2024, it is Courageous Leadership. The speakers and their topics are carefully curated to support our main theme and the subthemes. Next year, those are customer experience, talent development, and strategy.

The learning isn’t only restricted to our Main Stage speakers and program. In addition, attendees can learn through meaningful discussions with others and following our live studio interviews during the networking breaks. Whatever the case, the event days are sure to be full of new knowledge and self-development. Which doesn’t stop there, since we offer our attendees a thorough post-learning package with written summaries and the access to view keynote recordings for 90 days after the event.


Another important reason to attend is networking. There are 6,500+ business leaders gathered under one roof, which certainly presents interesting networking opportunities. And based on this year’s feedback survey, our attendees were very happy with them: they rated the networking at 5.2/6.

The networking opportunities are indeed various, and we believe there is something for everyone. You can stop to chat with anyone at basically any time, but we know that not everyone is comfortable with that particular approach. To aid you in making new connections, our Event App Brella has a networking feature that helps you find interesting profiles and set up 1:1 Meetings at the event. For a more organic approach, you can, for example, join the Extrovert’s Area and start up a conversation with another open-minded individual.

Whichever approach you prefer, you will find new meaningful connections and strengthen your existing relationships. If networking is one of your goals for the event, of course. Many of our attendees have walked away with new business ideas, opportunities, and friends, and we’re sure you will be no different!

Inspiration and Reflection

Lacking inspiration and direction isn’t a rare experience. Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine that we lose sight of the things we could improve and change. There is little time for introspection and reflection, and sometimes all we need is a little boost.

Well, it turns out that NBF seems to be exactly the boost that many of our attendees seek. About 60% of those who answered the poll listed inspiration as one of their main reasons to attend. Among speakers and surprising art and performances, attendees get inspiration from each other. Coming to the event exposes you to a new environment, new ideas, and new people, which gives you optimal ground for innovation and awakening your creativity. You will get new perspectives from different industries, cultures, and generations.

You will also have time to wind down and reflect if you wish to do so. At the Area for Introverts, you can find a comfortable seat and sometimes even lie down, and just relax. It’s generally acknowledged that people at the Area for Introverts want time alone and shouldn’t be bothered, so you can rest easy and dive deep into your thoughts.

Customer Experience

Some people come to experience the customer experience, some come to learn from it. Whichever the case, 94% of this year’s attendees would recommend the event, and the customer service was rated 5.7/6 in 2023’s feedback survey. If the numbers aren’t enough to convince you, allow us to explain in further detail.

Some of our long-time customers have jokingly referred to NBF as a “business holiday”. The event is an all-inclusive experience, where food, drinks, learning, and networking opportunities are all included in the price of your ticket. All you need to prepare is yourself, comfortable shoes and clothes, your event badge, and an open mind—we will take care of everything else! From note-taking equipment to finding the shortest toilet queue, we’ve got you covered.

Bonus Reason: The Prices Increase Next Week!

If you still need convincing, we find that people respond well to numbers—especially discounted ones. Our prices will increase on Friday 15th of December at 23:59 EET. Before that, you can save up to 800€ on your ticket. The prices are only going up from there, so we suggest you act now!

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