Ask for Feedback – It Can Take You Forward

Aiming at Excellence in Customer ServiceThis is a fifth and the final part of the blog series in which we’ve explored how to achieve the world’s best customer service.

In this blog series we’ve gone through the ideas behind our customer service, what it takes to build up a great customer experience and what kind of people this requires. In addition, we’ve gone through the importance of employee experience and how a leader should lead their team to excel in customer service.

But what happens after all this work has been done? Well of course the work doesn’t end there. Especially for us with our annual main event, we want to keep on improving the customer experience and the employee experience. We always want to reach for the next level. That’s why it’s important to ask for feedback from both the customers and the employees. We want to know what we did good and where we need to improve. Without the feedback we wouldn’t know if we reached our goals or not.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

We also go through a feedback session with the volunteers and customer service managers. They give us feedback and we give feedback to them. This is how they can help us improve our leadership and training systems. In addition, we can also help the volunteers and customer service managers to grow and improve their skills.

Important part of collecting and receiving feedback is to also take action on it. We value each customer feedback we receive. Every feedback form will be gone through and thought through. It gives us very valuable information and helps us in moving forward and reaching for the next level.

As Bill Gates has said “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve“. So next time you get an opportunity to give feedback, give it. It’s very important that people and companies receive feedback. The companies might not always realize the things that seem obvious to the customer’s eye. Remember to also ask for feedback on your work. That’s how you can improve and grow and move forward to the next level. And lastly, when you do receive feedback, remember to also take action from the feedback. That’s how you can reach the next level.

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Meet our customer service managers!

We have divided our customer service at NBForum2014 into six different departments. Here’s an introduction to the Registration Services.


Laura Poutilainen and Laura Mäkelä

Registration services:

  • every customer goes through registration services
  • the registration services includes also info desk services, simultaneous interpretation services and press room
  • over 40 customer service persons
  • the department managers: Laura Poutiainen and Laura Mäkelä

Excellent customer service is established by highlighting the high level of motivation of the employees, the importance of what we do and the meaning of every customer encounter”, say Laura and Laura.

Photo of the customer service managers by Jesse Kämäräinen.


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