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How to follow Nordic Business Forum 2015 on (social) media?

Nordic Business Forum 2015 is right around the corner and soon the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Center is full of buzz and business. In the earlier years, when the event was held in Jyväskylä, the WiFi was sometimes notoriously bad but this shouldn’t be the case this year. Elisa has done a great job adding plenty of extra hotspots around the venue and reinforcing the public WiFi. Our 5,500 demanding guests should enjoy a smooth public WiFi experience.

Also good news for all of you tweeting and snapping like the world is about to end, and draining your batteries in the process: We’ve got mobile charging service to back you up.

That said, here are the top ways Nordic Business Forum 2015 is leveraging the possibilities of our beloved internet.

#1: LIVE Stream

The official Nordic Business Forum LIVE Stream is the number one virtual extension for the event. This year, the main seminar hall is stacked with high quality cameras, capturing every moment and providing viewers, at home or at a LIVE Stream community event, the possibility to enjoy the event from 8 different camera angles.

Most presentations are also available on demand for 30 days for anyone who has bought the LIVE Stream service. The only exception is Dr. Ben Bernanke’s session (together with Björn Wahlroos) which will be live streamed but will not be available on demand.

There is also a dedicated studio at the venue, taking good care of the LIVE viewers during breaks. The live stage studio is hosted by MTV and Peter Nyman and a lot of special guests are going to be at the studio talking about timely topics.

LIVE Stream viewers can also create a profile and see who else is on the live stream, find people with similar interests and suggest Skype meetings with others.

If you are not attending the event on the spot, but don’t want to miss the action, go and get the LIVE Stream:


NBForum2015 LIVE


#2: Twitter

(First of all, go and follow @nbforum_com on Twitter.)

Twitter is the number one social media extension for any event for a reason. As Marc Andreessen has put it: “Twitter is instant, global, public messaging, for free.”

Being ‘the second screen’ for many, Twitter has seen more and more traction each year during the event. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech last year blew the crowds socks off, resulting in a tweeting frenzy.

Twitter also offers a great way to send questions for the speakers to be asked by the moderator. Please start the tweet with “Q:” to help us sort out the questions among other tweets and to improve your chances to get the question asked.

Editor’s picks among the #NBForum2015 tweets are projected on the screens in various seminar halls.

Our own Twitter handle is going to tweet out #quotes, links to Miltton’s most recent LIVE Blog posts, and all sorts stuff on the go.

Welch Twitter Quote

The single most important thing to remember when tweeting: The official hashtag for this year is #NBForum2015 !

#3: Miltton LIVE Blog

This year, we are privileged to have a team of highly talented individuals from the communications agency Miltton working inside the event. The Miltton team will be reporting on the events on stage and summarizing the key points & takeaways from each presentation. You can follow Miltton’s LIVE Blog feed from the Nordic Business Report platform: miltton_logo

#4: Instagram

Instagram has grown in popularity among our crowd and we’re expecting a lot of Instagram action to go down on the event dates. Again, the thing to remember is the official hashtag (#NBForum2015) so we don’t miss out on your beautiful photos.

Don’t forget to follow @nbforum on Instagram. We’ll be putting out more visual quotes and event photos.

Instagram Post

#5: Snapchat

Yes, Snapchat. Let’s see how many of you find your way to Snapchat during the event. We’ve been figuring out our Snapchat game and hope to provide value for all the fellow snapchatters through video & photos from backstage and other interesting places. Nordic Business Forum might not be a gathering of hardcore snapchatters the way Tubecon is, but we’re sure to find some snappers among our crowd. Go and follow!

File 29.9.2015 16.37.14


#6: Facebook

Facebook is our place for sharing article content and hand picked video, so we are not going to spam out our Facebook page during the event. Just a few targeted posts after the seminar days, capturing the key moments of the days.

Facebook page


#7: Sketchnotes

If you are not taking notes during the speeches, don’t worry. Linda has got you covered. She has drawn the sketchnotes since the early days of Nordic Business Forum and this year is no exception. We’ll post the sketchnotes to our blog & Twitter and put them up on some screens at the venue.

linda sketch

#8: Executive Summary

We have a team of writers summarizing all the speeches for you. This year we are improving our speaker evaluations and on top of the numeric evaluations, given by customers, we have a team of communications experts evaluating the speakers appearance on stage: interaction with the audience, charisma, rhetoric, and so on. The Executive Summary will be available for download at the end of November. nbf_summary_2014_preview-1

#9: YouTube

Selected clips from the speeches are published around the year. Like this one from one of our 2014 favorites, Jim Collins.

#10: Periscope

Special editions coming up on the second seminar day. Be prepared you periscopers!



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