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Leader’s Digest | May 2022

This time our Leader’s Digest newsletter focuses on strategy and how to go about it in the world we live in today (and tomorrow).

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🎯  Blog: How to advance and expand your business strategy? Check our list of 5 (+1) strategy ideas from our past speakers.

🌎  Blog + Webinar Recording: The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the rapid speed of technological development have consequences that affect how we should think about strategy. Watch, listen, or read our latest webinar to learn Kjell Nordström’s insights on the topic.

📄  Article: What were some of the interesting business news from last month? Check the latest review by Nordic Business Report.

Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

What Is Strategy? — A Video by Harvard Business Review

“Strategy is simple. It’s a plan to create value.” – Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Professor at Harvard Business School

A recent 10-minute video by Harvard Business Review well offers a few simple ways to look at strategy. Some things we picked up from it:

  • Strategy doesn’t begin with a focus on profit—it should start from the value you create for your customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.
  • Total value created is the difference between willingness-to-pay and willingness-to-sell.
  • Profitability of an organization reflects the overall value creation.
  • Companies can raise willingness-to-pay through product quality, product complements, and network effects.

For more of insightful notions on strategy, we suggest you watch the entire video.

Watch the HBR Video

Stop and Think

“Increasingly, CEOs and leaders need to be social architects. Strategy cannot start at the top.” – Gary Hamel

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