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Leader’s Digest | September 2022

In this edition of our Leader’s Digest Newsletter, you can explore the future of leadership.

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— A Look into the Future of Leadership

This foresight radar made by The Futures Platform explores our event theme Future-Focused Leadership through different trends and phenomena that will most profoundly impact and change leadership in the future. The trends are organized into six different categories: Work Organization, Global Economy, Science and Technology, Values and Ethics, Health and Wellbeing, and Knowledge Relationship, which include several important phenomena coming our way during the next 20 years.

Here is a glimpse of what the radar unfolds:

Autonomous teamwork (holacracy) is a management style where a group is encouraged to manage its own work and working practices. This model of management promotes distributed authority, and fast iteration, and aims to be dynamic and flexible by reducing unnecessary micromanagement and bureaucracy.

Leadership Crisis
The global leadership crisis is deepening due to the alarmingly weak correspondence between power and competency to handle the fast-paced challenges organizations are facing. If leaders fail to embrace diversity, remove ego, and strengthen morality, organizations may experience hindered growth and face unforeseen risks.

Intelligence Amplification
Intelligence amplification (IA), also known as augmented intelligence, refers to an attempt to enhance human capabilities with intelligent technologies. This aim is in quite strong opposition to the more commonly used concept of artificial intelligence (AI), where the pursuit is to achieve a full scope replication of human intelligence for a computer or robot so that humans could be totally replaced, e.g., from a particular task.

Better World
Instead of focusing solely on growth, profits, and financial success, more and more organizations build their strategies and projects on values that stress the importance of striving towards a better, more sustainable world. There is a new wave of businesses with a genuine desire to seek solutions for the most significant challenges facing humanity and the environment.

Quantified Self
As a consequence of digitalization, real-time health data monitoring is increasingly becoming available to consumers. Our bodily and mental functions and states are measured, analyzed, and stored with the help of sensors, devices, and applications.

Blended Learning
Educational technology can make learning more engaging, faster, and more individualized. In the future, the most attractive school will be one where students can choose the teaching methods and tools that suit them, study independently or in a group anywhere and anytime, and receive support from other students and instructors if needed.

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Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

— The Future of Leadership with Jacob Morgan

In this episode of the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast, the host—Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Martin G. Moore—interviews leadership expert Jacob Morgan. Jacob is known as a keynote speaker, futurist, and three-times Bestselling author. His latest book The Future Leader was based on over 140 exclusive interviews with the world’s top CEOs and explores the most important skills and mindsets for future leaders.

In the podcast, Jacob and Martin discuss the book and how he was able to interview 140 CEOs and 14 000 employees, and what he learned from the study. Jacob also introduces his Job, Purpose, Impact, and Meaning model, the key mindsets of a leader, and what he thinks the future of leadership looks like.

Stop and Think

“In the future, machines open up new territories and minds will explore them together with computers.” – Andrew McAfee


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