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Petter Stordalen Joins Nordic Business Forum Helsinki 2022 Lineup

Petter Stordalen, the Norwegian hotel owner and investor, has been confirmed to join the Nordic Business Forum Helsinki 2022 lineup. At the event, Petter will talk about leadership and branding during a crisis.

We are excited to announce that Petter Stordalen will step on our stage in Helsinki in September 2022! The Norwegian hotel owner, investor, and property developer will first give a short keynote and then engage in a moderated conversation on the topic of How I Lead My Brands Through Crisis.

“I’m extremely proud that we got to add an inspiring business leader like Petter to the lineup. He will be able to enlighten our audience about how to lead brands and businesses during uncertain times. After all, he has heavily invested in the accommodation and travel industry which, as we all know, took a big hit during the pandemic. So, I’m sure Petter will provide truly valuable insights on the topic”, says Priit Liiv, the Interim Managing Director at Nordic Business Forum.

About Petter Stordalen

Petter Anker Stordalen is a Norwegian investor, hotel owner, property developer, and environmentalist. He is a self-made businessman who started out selling strawberries for his merchant father as a child. Petter is the CEO and owner of investment holding company Strawberry Group and the owner of one of the largest hotel chains in the Nordics, Nordic Choice Hotels. In 2019, he bought Kämp Collection Hotels in Helsinki, the travel company Tjäreborg, and Sunclass Airlines. The same year he also created Nordic Leisure Travel Group.

Additionally, Petter is an active advocate for conducting sustainable business. Calling himself a sustainability capitalist, he believes the ultimate route to success is corporate models where people, planet, and profit are equally important. In his own words, “There is no business on a dead planet. Social responsibility and business success are inextricably linked.”

If you are interested to learn from Petter with us in Helsinki, check out the Nordic Business Forum 2022 event website for tickets.

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