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Unlock a World of Knowledge with the NBF Online Ticket

Nordic Business Forum 2024 will be the largest business and leadership event in Europe, but we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to join us in Helsinki. That’s where the online ticket comes in—offering a front-row seat to the brilliance of the forum, right from the comfort of your home.

For our internationally dispersed audience, this opportunity bridges the distance. Let’s explore the key reasons why securing an online ticket is a smart choice for today’s professionals!

Convenience Meets Excellence

No flight bookings, no hotel reservations—simply log in and immerse yourself in knowledge. Online tickets deliver the Nordic Business Forum experience directly to you, wherever you are. You get live access to insightful keynotes and panel discussions as they unfold.

A Cost-Effective Learning Investment

Attending remotely saves you the expenses of attending in person without compromising on the quality of the content you receive. The online ticket is naturally more affordable too. Additionally, if you act fast, you save even more: until May 24th, you can get the online ticket for 99€ (full price is 399€).

Flexibility for the Busy Professional

The NBF online ticket also respects the ticking clock of your busy life. It not only offers live streaming but also a 90-day access to the event recordings. Can’t tune in live for the event days? Watch the recordings whenever suits best. Missed a session? Watch it on-demand. With this opportunity, you align your self-improvement with your personal and professional schedule.

Digital Handshakes Across the Globe

If you so wish, an online ticket at the Nordic Business Forum doesn’t mean that you need to learn alone. With digital networking features that our Brella event platform offers, you can book 15-minute meetings with like-minded professionals, discuss with other online participants in the event chat, and engage in Q&A sessions.

Join Nordic Business Forum 2024 Online

An online ticket to the Nordic Business Forum is a great investment in your personal development. It offers insights, opportunities, and connections, all within the digital domain. It resonates with the needs of those prioritizing personal and business growth aligned with their schedules and budgets.

Your next step? Grab your Nordic Business Forum online ticket now!


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