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Build a Purpose-Driven Workplace

 A new, purpose-driven, generation is entering the working life after Millenials: Generation Z, “a generation that has never known the world without the internet”, states the founder and CEO of the e-learning platform Lix, Camilla Hessellund Lastein. 

Through her work, Camilla has been able to follow the change this new generation brings to work-life from the first row. She has discovered that Gen Z, those born in the late 90s and early 2000s, has a new way of looking at their careers. Gen Z brings another, purpose-filled, perspective to the workplace, which needs to be understood by companies and managers in order to harness the full potential of their modern employees.

Adjustable working hours and clear borders between work and private life are no longer the most essential parts of work. Instead, says Camilla, the next generation of workers is looking for something bigger: a meaning and a mission. “This is a generation that wants to work hard for what they believe in”.

“I believe that purpose, especially in the workplace, can be motivation for Gen Z to create a better world and a better life.”

– Camilla Hessellund Lastein, NBFNorway 2019

For companies and managers, a generation that is highly motivated by a deeper purpose means adopting a new way of leading. Gen Z thrives if the company can clearly present its mission in reality: when the mission is not only beautiful words on a piece of paper but, instead, concrete and tangible.

Camilla suggests that companies are facing a need to show that this new generation of workers can truly benefit the company by taking part in a journey towards a common mission. So, consider the core values and purpose of your company, and let the new generation of workers shine. Are you up to it?

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