Already 2100 registrations for Nordic Business Forum 2013!

The release of Nordic Business Forum 2013 was historical: the seminar collected 2100 registrations on the spot! The Nordic Business Forum 2013 seminar was published in the end of the Nordic Business Forum 2012 seminar in Jyväskylä last Friday.

”The number of registrations we soon found out was a huge surprise. This is really something to be grateful for. I think this says that the attendees liked what they experienced this year. And therefore I can truly thank our very actively worked team and of course all the participants”, says Hans-Peter Siefen, the chairman of the company.
Nordic Business Forum 2012 gathered a full seminar hall in Jyväskylä last Thursday and Friday, 2300 participants. The leading stars of the seminar were among others Sir Richard Branson, authors and lecturers Daniel Pink and Brian Tracy and professor Hans Rosling.

”We are currently finding out what is the maximum amount of participants we can gather to Paviljonki Arena next year with new floor designs. Otherwise, the seminar is soon already sold-out!” says Siefen.

The theme of Nordic Business Forum 2013 is Leadership. Sub-themes are self-management, sales management and innovation management. The lead speakers are going to be even a wider range of world’s leading business thinkers and executives, e.g. the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, the authors and lecturers Tom Peters and Malcom Gladwelland also professors Vijay Govindarajan and Lynda Gratton. The main speaker of the Nordic Business Forum 2013 seminar held on 26 – 27/9/2013 is going to be the legendary CEO and Chairman of General Electric, Jack Welch. The Fortune magazine listed Welch as the greatest business executive of the whole 20th century in the year 2000.

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