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More Seats for Nordic Business Forum 2014 with a Unique Layout

The ticket sale for Nordic Business Forum 2014 on October 9-10 2014 in Helsinki has broken all the previous records. Tickets reserved for the Finnish customers were sold out during the first month, while the total number of tickets sold was already 4000. Since then, during the last four weeks, only the international customers have been able to register for the event and Finnish customers have been put on the waiting list.

Due to a great demand, Nordic Business Forum Oy has carefully explored the different possibilities to increase the seating capacity in the seminar hall. The Amfi Hall in Expo & Convention Centre in Helsinki has seating for 4373 customers. A creative solution was found to increase the seating capacity. The wall between Amfi Hall and the hall next to it will be opened to create two seating sections with a round stage in between. With this solution all seminar guests can be seated in the same room with a good proximity to the stage. All guests will have a good view to the stage also with the help of the screens and impressive technique.

Similar solution has never been done before in the Amfi Hall. Thanks to the new layout there will be altogether 5300 seats available. This means that also all the 250 guests on the waiting list will receive tickets to the event. The new seats at the new seating section will be sold in a different price category than the original tickets.

Hans-Peter Siefen, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum Ltd, comments on expansion as follows: ”It’s great that we were able to get more seats and have the opportunity to offer the seminar experience for even more customers, especially because of the great demand. We’ve sold already 400 international tickets and there will be visitors even from China and Singapore. We carefully considered the issue with the whole NBF team, because we wanted to make sure we can offer a great seminar experience for all the guests. This is a unique opportunity for us to do something different.”

The drawings below may give a rough idea of the new layout:

Seating Section 1

Seating Section 1

Seating Section 2

Seating Section 2

Additional information:
Nordic Business Forum Oy or +358 20 775 1390

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