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#NBFSweden just got 80 extra seats!

Officially, Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019 is sold out – but backed by popular demand, we have 80 additional seats up for grabs.

At the start of the week, #NBFSweden 2019 officially sold out and reached its maximum capacity of 1200 attendees. We were prepared to open our waiting list as usual, but we received so many requests to attend the Swedish conference that we made an executive decision to expand our capacity.

We have added 80 seats to our venue seating chart.

Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum: “These are exciting times for Nordic Business Forum Sweden – not only has it surpassed our expectations with so much time to spare, but we’ve had to add seats to our total capacity to accommodate for the demand. This is sure to be an amazing event, both in terms of our speakers and the outstanding audience that we will have with us!”

#NBFSweden will take place at Cirkus in Stockholm on May 7th, 2019. The speakers at Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019 will be:

  • Simon Sinek, renowned leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author
  • Ryan Holiday, the marketing genius behind American Apparel
  • Sahar Hashemi, entrepreneur and bestselling author
  • Isabella Löwengrip, entrepreneur, blogger, and author

Want one of our 80 new seats? They’re selling quickly so better act fast!

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