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Nordic Business Forum 2014 Begins Tomorrow

The annual Nordic Business Forum seminar will begin tomorrow on October 9 at the Exhibition & Convention Center in Helsinki, Finland. The two day seminar gathers some of the world’s top thinkers including Jim Collins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Ken Robinson and Tony Fernandes just to name a few.

The seminar is organized now for the fifth time and it is the biggest Nordic Business Forum seminar so far. There will be 5,300 seminar guests from over 20 countries attending the event. The amount of attendees has increased from last year with 2,000 people.

In addition to the attendees on the spot, there will also be people watching the seminar through a live stream. This is the first time the seminar will also be available through a live stream. The NBForum LIVE service is available for individual users as well as for communities, schools and businesses.

Nordic Business Forum 2014 was almost sold out in six weeks after the publication, but with a unique layout the seating capacity was increased. There are now two seating sections with the stage in the middle. This kind of seating solution has never been done before at the Exhibition & Convention Center. The last seats to the seminar were sold-out four months prior to the event.


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News Nordic Business Forum 2014 Past Events

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