Nordic Business Forum on the Lookout for a New CEO

Nordic Business Forum is recruiting a new CEO to lead its operations into the future.

“We are excited to start our search for a new CEO to strengthen our operations and bring us to a new and even more international level. I’m staying with the organization full time, and will focus on strategic activities and product development,” states Hans-Peter Siefen, Co-Founder and current CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

Our company currently has a team of 25 in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Russia, and the company headquarters are located in Jyväskylä, Finland. By 2020, we aim to double our size, and by 2021, we aim to become the most significant business conference in the world.

“NBForum has a youthful, entrepreneurial, energetic, happy, and sales-driven culture with a huge focus on purpose. The sales spirit and company culture need to be preserved and nurtured, especially as we grow internationally. This means that the new CEO will need to pay close attention to the recruitment process in new markets and support international office operations,” describes Petteri Kilpinen, Chairman of Nordic Business Forum.

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