Nordic Business Forum Seminar – ICT Product of the Year 2014

Nordic Business Forum received the ICT Product of the Year 2014 award for its seminar concept. The award was given by The Finnish Information Processing Association, FIPA (in Finnish: TIVIA).

According to FIPA, the award is an acknowledgement of the successful work Nordic Business Forum has put into organizing an international event like the annual NBForum seminar in Finland. Nordic Business Forum is also considered as a great example of how strong entrepreneurship and purposeful work can produce results. In addition, the seminar attendees have reportedly told that the seminar has helped them to realize and understand the broader meaning of ICT.

FIPA has been giving out the award for over 20 years. Formerly the recognition has been given to for example Linux, Aaltoes, Angry Birds games, the Maemo OS by Nokia and Max Payne games. The award came as a positive surprise to Nordic Business Forum.

We are very surprised and thankful for this award. We have been developing the seminar concept for several years now, and it is great to receive recognition,” says Jyri Lindén, CFO of Nordic Business Forum.

FIPA’s executive director Robert Serén also gives credit to Nordic Business Forum’s two young co-founders of their purposeful and open-minded work in the FIPA’s press release:

Behind the concept, there are two young men, who shared a similar kind of vision of the new business. They have done courageous work with a clear goal, which has resulted in a unique seminar concept. They carefully defined and produced the event, and the outcome has been excellent.”

Further information:
FIPA’s press release (in Finnish).


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