The feedback averages of the Nordic Business Forum 2012 seminar have been released

The feedback averages of Nordic Business Forum 2012 have now been released. You can see them here >>

The feedback evaluation scale was familiar with previous Nordic Business Forum seminars: 1 (poor) – 6 (excellent). The average general grade for the whole event was 5,45 and the median was 6. With the accuracy of one percent, an overwhelming 50 % of the responders gave the highest possible grade as the general grade for the whole event.

There was quite a lot of improvement from Nordic Business Forum 2011. Last year, only 37 % of the responders gave the highest general grade for the whole event, with the median being 5 and the grade point average being 5,26.

There was improvement nearly in every sector compared to last year’s feedback averages. The most remarkable improvement was seen in the total grade point average of all the grades given to speakers, the structure of the seminar and the networking possibilities.

We would humbly like to thank all the fillers of the feedback form. We are constantly improving and developing our seminars and trainings according to feedback. Especially the open comment fields gave us valuable ideas to develop our operation and services.

We’re also very happy that 99,4 % of the feedback form fillers found the seminar so valuable and resourceful, that they’re ready to recommend it to others as well. Thank You! We’re ready to work hard to improve the seminar experience, utility and networking possibilities even more.

You’ll find the feedback averages of Nordic Business Forum 2012 here >> 


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