Tickets for Finland Are Temporarily Sold Out – 470 International Tickets Still Left

Nordic Business Forum 2014The ticket sales for Nordic Business Forum 2014 have started in an unseen way. 3,200 seats were sold already during the day when the event was published. The total number of seats sold is almost 3,900 to this day. There are 4,373 seats in total at the seminar.

The tickets for Finland were sold out yesterday. We have allocated a quota of 750 tickets for international guests of which approximately 470 seats are still left.

For Finnish customers: You can still register on our website for Nordic Business Forum 2014. You will not receive a ticket right away, but we will put you on a waiting list. We are looking for solutions to organize more seats and we will be updating you on this when we know more.

International guests can still register normally on our website. Also Finnish companies can buy still seats for their international guests.

The seminar’s main theme is Forward and the sub-topics are Choosing Excellence, Building the Future and Growing with Purpose. The seminar is held at the Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki in October 9th-10th 2014.

Nordic Business Forum 2014 provides an impressive group of speakers. The main speakers are probably the greatest business author alive, Jim Collins, the 38th Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and the long-time (1986-2003) manager of Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson. There are also other remarkable speakers including CEO of KONE Corporation Matti Alahuhta, Danish entrepreneur Soulaima Gourani, Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo, author and international advisor Sir Ken Robison and Tony Fernandes, the Malaysian entrepreneur and the founder of AirAsia and Caterham F1 Team.

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