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Welcome to the Backstage of Nordic Business Forum

We are beyond excited to release Leaders Who Change the World: Behind the scenes of Nordic Business Forum, the documentary film celebrating our 10th anniversary.

A year ago we got together with 7,655 leaders for our tenth annual Nordic Business Forum. To celebrate that milestone, we decided to film a documentary to capture our story – and the behind the scenes of our story. Now, thanks to the professional work by VitaPictura, the film is ready to be shared with the world!

We will get together online on 8 October, at 18:00 (UTC+3) to watch the documentary and to cherish the memories of live events.

“We originally decided to make a documentary to celebrate our 10th anniversary. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event industry, among many other industries, has taken a big hit. Our company was also heavily affected by the crisis, and we, for example, had to reschedule our Nordic Business Forum Helsinki 2020 main event to 2021. Therefore, the film actually has a new purpose. As we can’t get together with our community in person this year, we will go back to last year, when networking and getting inspired with thousands of people in the same location was normal. This documentary not only shares our story and what we do, but it also enables us to embrace the memories of large live events”, says Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

As the event industry has gone through some turbulent times this year, we will also host short discussions after the documentary to talk about what the industry looks like in 2020 and beyond. We will not only interview the main characters of the film but also a few other international event organizers to hear what they see the future holding for events.

The documentary and the entire premiere program will be streamed on our website. We hope you join us for the premiere!


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