Alexander Stubb – The Art of Going International

In this speech Alexander Stubb, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade of Finland shares his ideas on internationalization. The topic of the speech at Nordic Business Forum 2013 was The Art of Going International. Key Points: • Be international by being yourself – always remember your roots. • Learn languages. Start with English, but also learn other languages. • Tailor products and services to fit the market you are entering. • Test the local market first, even if you were born global. • Be so global that at the end of the day you actually become local. Questions to consider: • What are the international markets you could enter with your products/services? • Is your product/service ready for internationalization? • How can you first test the local market of the country you want to penetrate? • How can you become a local in the market you are entering? You can also find a written summary of the keynote at This video includes also the Q&A part of the speech. More videos at


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