Jack Welch – Nordic Business Forum 2013

The legendary CEO Jack Welch visited Nordic Business Forum 2013. This clip is a part of the discussion with Mr. Henri Hyppönen in front of 3300 people. More videos at http://nbforum.com/videos


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Suzy Welch: 10-10-10 – Nordic Business Forum 2013

Suzy Welch has invented a brilliant decision making tool called 10/10/10. In this clip, former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, Suzy Welch, gives her advice for making wise decisions in life. This speech was held at Nordic Business Forum […]

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Over 4800 Tickets Sold for NBF 2014

Already over 4800 tickets have been sold for Nordic Business Forum 2014 held in Helsinki on October 9-10. There are still around 500 tickets left for Seating Section 2. Seating Section 1 and VIP-packages are now sold out. Nordic Business […]