Nordic Business Forum 2018 | OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE

Experience the emotions and feelings of Nordic Business Forum 2018 all over again and enjoy the official aftermovie. Nordic Business Forum 2018 was held on 26.-27. September in Helsinki, Finland, gathering together 7500 CEOs, top executives, and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries. Thank you everyone who participated in making Nordic Business Forum 2018 a magnificent experience! The speaker lineup included: – President Barack Obama – John Mackey – Amy Cuddy – Marcus Buckingham – Gary Hamel – Aswath Damodaran – Susan Cain – Niklas Zennström – Andrew McAfee – Sheila Heen – Don Tapscott – Steven Kotler – James Hewitt – Pep Rosenfeld (Moderator) – Maddy Savage (Live Stream Studio interviewer) — Nordic Business Forum 2019 will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 9 – 10 October. Tickets for Nordic Business Forum 2019: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:… —– AFTERMOVIE PRODUCTION: Vita Pictura ( Executive Producer: Tuomas Liisanantti / Nordic Business Forum Director: Georgius Misjura Producer: Serj Rimma Cinematography: Aleksei Kulikov, Robert Parelo, Tofik Mamedov, Maksim Kazmirevski, Isabel Berg Editing: Georgius Misjura, Kaupo Kuusemäe (assisting editor), Vilja Harjamäki (assisting editor) Color grading: Dmitri Morjakin Music: “Where is My Mind” by Maxence Cyrin on “Novö Piano Live” EP (p) 2018 Enchanté Records


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Nordic Business Forum 2018 | OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE