Virtual Masterclass with Alex Osterwalder – Teaser

Millions of business people in large corporations, SMEs, and new ventures alike, use Alex Osterwalder’s methods to strategize, innovate, transform, and grow. Discover and apply their latest thinking, trade secrets, and all the tools and processes from Osterwalder’s 4 best-selling books, including the brand new book The Invincible Company. This Virtual Masterclass is hands-on and practical with extremely high energy, countless exercises, and tremendous take-home value. The workshop is available for up to 150 people.


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Insights from the New Normal Online Event

On 24 September, we and the team at Oslo Business Forum organized our second online event focusing on the topic of the new normal in business. We had the honor to learn from four top business experts: Carla Harris, Brian […]

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Nordic Business Forum Documentary Premiere – Live Stream Recording

What do Barack Obama, Steve Wozniak, and George Clooney have in common? They all took part in the legendary Nordic Business Forum events. Last year, the documentary “Leaders Who Change the World: Behind the scenes of Nordic Business Forum” was […]