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A conversation on storytelling, branding and legacy with George Clooney

George Clooney’s fireside chat with journalist Francine Lacqua, showed the audience that Clooney has many different roles outside of his work as an actor and entertainer. Lacqua asked what he considered to be the impact of his life, but Clooney was at first reluctant to define or decide what that could even be. When asked if he considered himself as a brand, Clooney stated that he didn’t really think that people should be brands. Intsead, it was more important to “pick good fights.”

From an outsider’s perspective, it is almost easy to pin-point some of the things that highlight how Clooney wants to change the world for the better. For one, he is a big civil rights activist, and is really interested in being involved in other people’s lives. His interest and activism stems from his father’s care and interest in helping those in their community, who were struggling to make do.

As a young child, he could not understand why his sister and he had to do chores for others, like mowing neighbors’ lawns or helping out in other ways to earn extra money. The extra money they earned was then used by the family to buy food and Christmas presents for other families in need. Although as a child he hated doing this, looking back, Clooney saw that the roots of his ambition to strive for justice began there.

So what really does Clooney think about his legacy at the end of the interview? How does he find fatherhood? And what would be want to change about the world? To find out, take a look at our Executive Summary to read more about George Clooney!

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