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Des Traynor’s Recipe for a Product-First Company

Intercom Chief Strategy Officer Des Traynor knows a lot about different ways to build a company. Some focus on sales, others emphasize marketing, and a few put their technology first. Today, however, Des points out that we’re living in an era of product-first companies – and that shift in strategy has changed the way we do business.

At Nordic Business Forum 2016, Des spoke to his audience about the ingredients needed to successfully build a product-first company. He did this, quite simply, by observing the common traits that all companies of this type exhibit.

Des Traynor’s Recipe for Success

Des observed that all successful product-first companies…

  • have a strong vision
  • create a product that’s feasible, desirable and viable
  • keep their focus
  • capture the value they want to create
  • measure their business properly
  • and are very patient for growth

Would you agree with Des? He gave away a few extra tips and tricks of the trade that you can see here and here. And you can flick through his full set of slides here.

Des will be coming back to speak at NBFSweden 2019 about the new techniques that modern day marketers will need to prepare for the next phase of customer relationships. Interested to hear his speech? We’re sold out of tickets but you can purchase one of our handly live stream passes and watch the show live and on-demand for 30 days after airing.

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Blog Nordic Business Forum Norway 2019 Past Events

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Blog Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019 Past Events

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