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Isabella Löwengrip’s 3 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Sweaty Palms? Dry Throat? Sleepless Nights?

This might sound like an advertisement for a new pharmaceutical product, but the reality is that these are common reactions to that work-related illness we all catch at one point in our lives: giving a presentation!

To ease your anxieties, Isabella Löwengrip has three key pieces of advice for overcoming the fear of public speaking. The Swedish-born entrepreneur is the youngest and most influential social media star in the sphere of empowering female business owners and supporting women’s work-life balance. She is a sought-after speaker and, at NBForum’s 2013 Business Summit, she was one of the audience favorites.

Here are Isabella’s 3 tips for successful public speaking:

1. Write it Down

Isabella compares giving a presentation to the job of a chef who “has to try and taste the dinner before it is served – you have to practice and hear what you are going to say before you say it.” She recommends writing down everything you are going to say in your speech, reading it out loud to a friend, then throwing away the paper.

2. Be Open

She encourages public speakers to be open and honest, be authentic, so your audience can see who you really are. In her words, “I think that you have to be open if you want to inspire people, you have to tell about yourself and the mistakes you have made.”

3. Conquer Nerves with Self-Belief

“Usually, I don’t get nervous because nervousness just gets in my way,” explains Isabella, who feels a few nerves can often help her focus. She cites two ways of dealing with nerves. One is to talk about stories related to you, which are easier to remember. The other is to try to visualize your talk beforehand, as well as everything else, going well on the day.

“The most important thing, though, is to have the courage and the self-belief to walk on that stage and try.”

Who is Isabella Löwengrip?

Swedish-born Isabella Löwengrip is the youngest and most influential social media star in the sphere of empowering female entrepreneurs and supporting women’s work-life balance. Veckans Affärer proclaimed Isabella Löwengrip Sweden’s most powerful businesswoman in 2018. Today, the 27-year-old entrepreneur has more than 1.5 million readers a week and has completely changed the way people perceive entrepreneurship, influencer marketing, and female self-fulfillment. Isabella is a multi-entrepreneur with more than 50 employees and has, over the last four years, managed to create the fastest growing beauty company in Sweden, to name just one of her many success stories.

Isabella will be speaking at both Nordic Business Forum Sweden and Nordic Business Forum Norway 2019. She will discuss influencer marketing, thought leadership, and other lessons she has learned from her entrepreneurial journey.

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