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Leader’s Digest | August 2022

This time in our Leader’s Digest newsletter, you will learn from creative leadership. Get inspired by leaders such as Ed Catmull and Itay Talgam as you explore the creative process at Walt Disney Animation Studios and identify your leadership style among master conductors.

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🎨 Blog: Leaders benefit from creativity in many ways. They should be creative themselves and foster creativity in others, which is not always an easy task. Learn more about three specific things you can do to cultivate the benefits of creativity in your organization.

💫Video: “You can see that failure is not a necessary evil, but in fact is a necessary consequence of doing something new.” – Ed Catmull explains how failure benefits the creative process of innovation at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

💎 Article: Who would know more about innovation and creating groundbreaking ideas than the leaders of the new generation? Get to know the 35 Young North European Business Owners chosen by the North European Young Business Initiative.

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— A Ted Talk by Itay Talgam

Leadership is a form of art, and many things can be learned about it from the world of arts. Itay Talgam, an Israeli conductor and business consultant, highlights how orchestra conductors can achieve the highest forms of control and leadership in his inspiring Ted Talk “Lead Like the Great Conductors”. 

Itay Talgam

Conductors have a unique power of creating harmony from chaos—without words. Some conductors give out clear orders, some leave room for interpretation. Itay explores what great conductors are made of, and it seems they have one thing in common: they lead the orchestra to work together so that each player can listen and understand each other, and create their own music through the work of great masters.

Itay’s notions about the great conductors have multiple applications in leadership and management. Can you identify yourself among the different master conductors?

Watch the Ted Talk

Stop and Think

“Perception is the first step toward imagination. And imagination is the first step toward creativity.” – Linda Liukas


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