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Which Future Trends Will Most Profoundly Change Leadership?

You’ve probably heard the famous saying by Heraclitus: “The only constant in life is change.” And during the past few years, you have probably witnessed it to be true.

But what are the factors that affect and change leadership? What is leadership like in the future? What future trends should leaders be aware of? We can offer you an exciting way to find out.

Future of Leadership Radar by Futures Platform

Our Nordic Business Forum event this year is built around the theme of Future-Focused Leadership. This is why we are excited that Futures Platform offers an interesting opportunity for our community to dive into the topic.

Their futurists have prepared a radar that allows you to explore the different trends and phenomena that will most profoundly impact and change leadership in the future.

From Economy to Ethics—and Everything in Between

The trends and topics covered in the radar include six broad subjects including the global economy, science and technology, values and ethics, and more. Each of these larger themes includes a few phenomena from the present moment all the way up until the year 2040. The radar provides thorough information on each trend and allows you also to share your thoughts about them.

Intrigued? We thought so! Go and explore the future of leadership.

Dive into the Future of Leadership

About Futures Platform

Futures Platform is the industry standard source for future trends, scenarios, and long-term change. It’s a full-functionality visual and collaborative toolbox for executives and analysts, ensuring your organization’s strategy and key decisions are future-proof.

The solution brings together an AI-powered digital platform and the expertise of professional futurists. At its core, the platform features more than 800 analyses of future phenomena – from technological and environmental to societal change, with a focus on the long term. These compact, easy-to-digest scenario descriptions are combined with auto-crawled future signals from validated sources.

The visually engaging, collaborative foresight radars map interconnections between phenomena and allow teams to understand alternative futures and co-shape future-proof strategies together. On top of this, their team of professional futurists and foresight consultants is there to help and guide you on any related matter, from custom scenario analyses and horizon scans to building your organization’s foresight capability onto the next level.


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