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Leader’s Digest | May

In this edition of the Leader’s Digest, we focus on sustainable business. From sustainability during wartime to reluctant but successful businessmen, expect several top-quality interviews with experts in the field. We have gathered the top content picks of the month, plus some additional sources for inspiration. Enjoy!

Top Content Picks

💎 What does sustainability mean for businesses during wartime? Maryna Saprykina, a Ukrainian sustainability consultant and one of the Speaker Contest 2023 finalists, has some first-hand expertise in the topic. Check out our interview with her. Read time 5 min

🚀 Growing concern over energy transition, SpaceX launch mishap, and other interesting news you may have missed from the past month, now on Nordic Business Report. Read time 7 min

⏯️ Sometimes good intentions lead to even bigger problems than the ones we are trying to fix. In this TedX Shorts podcast episode, sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu reminds us that when innovating, we have to understand the bigger picture in order to avoid unwanted consequences. Listen time 9min 50sec

Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

– In business to save Planet Earth

While Patagonia may be an extreme example of a business taking sustainability seriously, it can also be an inspiring role model to organizations. After all, if we don’t take action and take care of our planet, where will we be conducting our business in the future? Sustainable business is not only in the best interest of the planet, but of businesses themselves.

In this McKinsey interview with Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia discusses the company’s backstory and how he has managed to become a successful businessman, despite being a reluctant one. How has Patagonia managed to stay sustainable and responsible while growing and profiting in a capitalistic setting? Read the full interview and find out.

“Building the best product while causing the least harm is at the heart of what we do.”

Stop and Think

“Sustainability is the competitive advantage of the future.” Kjell Nordström


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