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Leveraging NBF for Team Success: Insights from Aava & Bang

Is Nordic Business Forum worth the investment? Deciding who should attend and ensuring your organization reaps the benefits can be challenging.

We consulted Hanne-Mari Miskala, HR Director at Aava & Bang—a loyal NBF customer—to share insights on optimizing the NBF experience. Here, we give you a summary of her insights.

What Are the Best Ways to Participate in NBF?

Aava & Bang’s engagement with NBF has evolved, from founders attending in person to employees tuning into the livestream. “We have been eager to take part in NBF for many years. Sometimes it has been a smaller team joining in person, sometimes it has been a reward for certain employees, and most recently some of our employees participated online.”

According to Hanne-Mari, the key is aligning participation with the organization’s current needs and goals. She recalls a particularly impactful year when a selected group attended NBF with a mission to gather insights and later shared their learnings during the company’s internal development days.

Aava&Bang going through NBF learnings

The team at Aava & Bang going through the ideas and insights from Nordic Business Forum.

What Are the Benefits of Your Team Participating in NBF?

Hanne-Mari notes the excitement and appreciation her team feels towards NBF, highlighting its role in personal and professional growth. “People really see it as a great demonstration of appreciation towards their own development if the opportunity is offered.”

Beyond individual development, she values the broader perspective NBF offers, encouraging employees to step back from daily tasks and engage with global business trends. This broader outlook not only enriches their expertise but also fosters a culture of continuous learning.

Finally, she adds that often it doesn’t really matter from which topic or perspective the inspiration to learn comes from. Usually, if the hunger for development has been sparked, it’s a cycle that keeps on going. “I feel that this NBF type of a compact experience that offers new insights from various perspectives can be a driving force for learning. It often inspires people to be curious and improve the way they do things.”

How Can You Make the Most of Your Participation in NBF?

To ensure your organization benefits fully from NBF, Hanne-Mari suggests:

Assessing Needs: Identify your challenges and improvement areas. Select attendees based on who would gain the most from the event’s themes and whose attendance would most benefit your organization.

Encouraging Dedicated Participation: Whether in-person or online, ensure attendees can focus fully on the event. Group settings often enhance engagement and learning.

Collective Reflection: After the event, organize sessions for attendees to share insights within your organization. This collaborative approach can turn ideas into actionable strategies.

By thoughtfully selecting participants and fostering a culture of shared learning, NBF can be a catalyst for growth and innovation within your team.

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