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Making the Most of NBFNorway and NBFSweden

Nordic Business Forum NORWAY and SWEDEN are just around the corner!

We have less than a week to go before our inaugural Norway event and our second annual Sweden event, and there’s so much to prepare. Where to start?

We asked the experts: you!

We took an extremely informal poll during NBForum 2017, among guests who were mingling in the networking area, to see how they make the most of their time at the event. Opinions were divided: some like to spend their entire day networking and working; to them, this is like any other day at the office, with goals and targets to meet before the day is done. Other guests preferred to relax and take it all in; they saw the event as a business staycation and were looking to breathe in the buzz and use it to fuel their work back at the office the later in the week. Both great opinions and strategies.

Personally, we think Norway and Sweden will be much like our event in Finland – the perfect balance between work and play. And as such, we’ve put together a rapidly researched list for you to put to the test:

How to Work at NBForum

Take notes. We bring some truly amazing people to the stage to share their talent, wisdom, and lessons on business and life. Trust us, you will be inundated with information. To help you stay on top of things, take and review your notes as often as possible.

Network and chat. Engage in discussions and network with people using our partner Framery’s elegant meeting booths, or try your hand at our official networking app Brella. We have designated tables for those meetings and you can find instructions for it here.

Watch interviews at the Business Insider Nordic Studio. During breaks in the program, many of our mainstage speakers as well as some other NBF stars will hit the Live Stream stage for interviews, anecdotes, and more!

How to Play at NBForum

Experience all the fun inside the main hall and out — and by that, we mean our partners’ experience areas! They have put together an impressive display to showcase business models, products, designs, and more. Wander through what they’ve set up and start a conversation. You never know where it will lead!

Snap a picture at the photo wall. Whether you’re taking a selfie, a group shot, or a combination, we’ve got the perfect background set up at our NBForum photo op! Find your way to the photo wall during a break and you may even see a speaker or two around to take a picture.

Eat, drink (water!), and be merry! When you’re not networking over ideas, you can network over a bite of some of our favorite flavors on our lunch and coffee break menus.

Tell us what you think!

… and while you’re at all that, join the discussion online by snapping a few Instagram pictures and tweeting about your experience using #NBFNorway and #NBFSweden. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

We hope this gets you on the right track to enjoying the event. Come rain or shine (though it doesn’t really matter because the event is indoors), we’d love to hear what you think of the experience!

Use our app (in SWEDEN) to rate each speaker session. We love receiving feedback!

And don’t forget: say hi! If you see any of our staff or volunteers running around in orange scarves and bowties, feel free to say hello — we’re here to make sure you have a great time!

Did we get everything? If you can come up with any more ways to work and play at #NBFNorway and #NBFSweden, leave us a comment!

Don’t have a ticket yet? Don’t worry – you can still sign up! For NBFNorway get your ticket here, and for NBFSweden get your ticket here.


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Blog Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2018

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Blog Nordic Business Forum Norway 2018

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