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Virtual Reality – We Are In

April was full of big news for Nordic Business Forum. In addition to launching Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN, we announced as the first business conference in the world to broadcast the entire event via a virtual reality live stream (read the whole news here »).

“Virtual reality – what?” you might ask. Well, what this means is that with virtual reality (or VR as they say), you are able to experience the Nordic Business Forum 2016 to its fullest and get a real 360° sense of being in the event. All you need is a pair of virtual reality goggles, an applicable mobile phone (Samsung or Apple) with a headset and our NBForum LIVE license.

What will I see in VR?

To make sure you get the full experience, we will place three 360° cameras inside the seminar hall and the networking hall. You can choose between the three different viewing points and experience the entire Nordic Business Forum 2016 show on the main stage and see the live studio interviews from the MTV Live Stage. You can see the whole live stream agenda here (the MTV Live Stage sessions will be updated closer to the event).

The virtual reality will be available to all our live stream customers with no added costs. So if you have bought a live stream license already for 2016, you are all good to go. The same login you have already created will work for the VR apps as well. The Nordic Business Forum Virtual Reality application will be available for download by the beginning of October on Oculus Store and App store for iPhone.

How do I get it to work?

First, you need to have the right kind of mobile device that supports virtual reality. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6, S6 Edge, S7 or S7 Edge and iPhone 4s or later model are all applicable. iPhones require iOS 8.0 or later version.

Second, you need the goggles that take you to the virtual reality. For example, Samsung Gear VR headset can be purchased for roughly 100 € – 200 € at multiple different electronic stores and web shops. See an example of where to purchase one here.

There are many VR headsets to choose from, so to help you make a decision which one to buy here are two useful articles for you:

Third, to get the access to the stream in VR, you have to have the NBForum LIVE individual license.

We welcome you to step in our virtual reality Nordic Business Forum 2016. Buy your access with an early bird price here »


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