Bootcamp Continues This Week

The second campfire of our first intensive training program Bootcamp for Business Growth will be held this week from Monday to Wednesday. The coaches of the second campfire are Keith J. Cunningham and Roy Baumeister.

The Bootcamp is a five-day intensive program with the world’s most cutting-edge professionals focusing on the business essentials of innovation, marketing, profitability, and execution. The program is divided into two parts. The first campfire was held in February and led by Nilofer Merchant on innovation and Ryan Holiday on growth hacker marketing. Merchant is known as the Jane Bond of Innovation and she was the 2013 winner of the Thinkers50 Future Thinker award, and Holiday is the marketing genius behind American Apparel.

The second campfire starts today and lasts until Wednesday. The coaches of the second campfire are Keith Cunningham, the master of business profitability, and Roy Baumeister, the world’s leading authority on willpower. Cunningham will specialize in how to drive profits, and Baumeister will end the Bootcamp with the topic of execution.

“The idea of this new product category came roughly two years ago and we planned it slowly on the side while waiting for the right moment to allocate resources to it. The aim is to make these intensive training programs a strong third pillar for Nordic Business Forum next to the big seminars and the live stream service,” says Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO of Nordic Business Forum Oy.

You can follow the live tweeting from the Bootcamp on Twitter with #nbfcamp.


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