Visual Notes by Linda

Visual notes from the presentations at Nordic Business Forum 2016 are available also this year. Real-time illustrator and sketchnoter Linda Saukko-Rauta has been covering Nordic Business Forum since 2011. Be sure to check out the visual notes in our blog!



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Renaissance Art Meets Digitalization in Emmi Mustonen’s Display at NBForum 2016

The 29-year-old visual artist Emmi Mustonen will display her artwork at NBForum 2016. Her pieces cunningly present a combination of Renaissance style and modern digital communication. We always want to bring new experiences to our customers, which is why we […]

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3 Ways to Follow Nordic Business Forum 2016

Over 5,700 business executives and entrepreneurs will gather to Helsinki for this year’s big event. If you missed your chance to get tickets to the sold out Nordic Business Forum 2016, here are different ways to tune in. 1. Live […]