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Sheila Heen to Join NBForum 2018

Sheila Heen, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, CEO of Triad Consulting, and author, will join the Nordic Business Forum 2018 lineup this week.

We are thrilled to have Sheila Heen join our event this week. She is the go-to person in the field of negotiations and feedback. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have turned to her and her expertise. She specializes in particularly difficult negotiations, where emotions run high and relationships become strained. She was only 26 when she was named a lecturer in Law at Harvard.

Heen will be giving a keynote on Difficult Conversations – How to Discuss What Matters Most. She gave a keynote at NBFSweden on how to receive feedback well, and her keynote was one of the audience favorites, with an average rating of 5.11 (scale 1=weak, 6=excellent).

Besides lecturing and research, Heen has founded the Triad Consulting Group. Heen has worked with corporate clients, such as MetLife, Pixar, Tatweer of Dubai, BAE Systems, Unilever, John Deere, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Cisco, and Novartis. In her consultancy work, she often operates with executive teams, helping them to work through conflict, repair working relationships, and make sound decisions together.

Learn more about Sheila Heen here.


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News Nordic Business Forum 2018 Past Events

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