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Sahar Hashemi – Getting Switched on in a Large Company

Remember the excitement you felt when you started in a new company or a new position? Imagine you could keep up that same energy and excitement every day.

Sahar Hashemi, an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a former solicitor, emphasizes the importance of adopting entrepreneurial habits at every level of the organization. Back in 2010, Sahar Hashemi published a book called Switched on: You have it in you, you just need to switch it on, which focuses on adopting 8 habits in your everyday working life. In this following clip Hashemi opens up the philosophy behind her book.

About Sahar Hashemi

A former solicitor, Sahar Hashemi founded Coffee Republic, the UK’s first US style coffee bar chain with her brother and built it into one of the UK’s most recognised high street brands with 110 bars and a turnover of £30m. She exited Coffee Republic in 2001 and in 2005 she founded Skinny Candy, a brand of sugar free sweets which was sold to confectionery conglomerate Glisten PLC in 2007.

She is author of 2 books- the bestselling, Anyone Can Do It, Building Coffee Republic from our kitchen table, and Switched On. In June 2012 she was awarded an OBE for services to the UK economy and to charity.

She is co- chair of the Government Scale Up Taskforce and is actively involved in Change Please Coffee, a social enterprise that trains and hires homeless people to run coffee carts. She is on the advisory board of BFC Fashion Trust and is a trustee of Roundhouse Theatre. She is finishing her third book, “Start Up Forever, 10 ways to behave like a start up when you’re not a start up” based on her experiences of working with large organisations.

At Nordic Business Forum Sweden, Hashemi will talk about Intrapreneurship: be the start-up in a large corporation.

About Nordic Business Forum Sweden

Nordic Business Forum will host its third annual business and leadership conference in Stockholm on 7 May 2019 for 1,200 C-level executives and business owners. Meet and learn from the leading minds: Simon Sinek, Ryan Holiday, Isabella Löwengrip, and Sahar Hashemi.

Every once in a while, any leader needs a break from the day-to-day to discover new business ideas and meet their peers in a beautiful setting. At the event, upgrading your leadership-thinking is guaranteed and meetings with other attendees are easily arranged. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a top-notch speaker lineup. Together, these things have kept people coming back for more.

Nordic Business Forum is Europe’s leading conference series with events in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.



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Blog Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019 Past Events

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Blog Nordic Business Forum Sweden 2019 Past Events

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