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Nordic Business Forum Speaker Contest Returns in 2022

Due to continuing global uncertainty, Nordic Business Forum Speaker Contest will not be organized in 2021. The contest is planned to return in 2022.

Last year when the Nordic Business Forum Helsinki event was rescheduled to 2021, the decision on the 2021 Speaker Contest was left open. We wanted to see how the COVID-19 situation evolves and whether there would be an opportunity for us to organize the contest this year.

Unfortunately, the uncertainty continues, and we’ve been waiting to get some clarity in order to make decisions on our Helsinki event and the Speaker Contest.

We are hopeful that the EU goals of the COVID-19 vaccination schedule are reached and we get to run the event in Helsinki on 29-30 September this year as planned. However, we are closely following the situation, and are ready to make any adjustments if necessary.

In regards to the Speaker Contest, we came to the conclusion that it will not be held this year. We want to keep working with this contest in the future, so the contest returns in 2022.

“We believe in this contest concept and want to continue providing opportunities for aspiring speakers to get to our stages in the future. Unfortunately, we couldn’t arrange the contest in 2021, but will come back in the future with new opportunities”, concludes Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.


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