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Scott Galloway Joins The NBForum 2023 Lineup

Yesterday we launched our new subtheme AI and a new speaker Mikko Hyppönen. We now have even more news – serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway joins the Nordic Business Forum 2023 lineup!

Scott Galloway: A Trailblazing Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert

Scott Galloway is a serial entrepreneur, professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, and a New York Times-bestselling author. Having served on the boards of renowned organizations like The New York Times Company and Urban Outfitters, Galloway’s expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship is widely recognized.

Galloway’s entrepreneurial journey includes founding Prophet, a renowned brand and marketing consultancy firm, and Red Envelope, one of the earliest e-commerce sites. In 2005, he established L2 Inc., a digital intelligence firm that was later acquired by Gartner in 2017. Galloway also founded Section, a popular online education platform.

The New Abnormal – AI Burst and the New Rules of Economy

At Nordic Business Forum 2023, Scott will present his insights and analysis of the economy and the explosive growth of AI, unpacking current market conditions and their implications for businesses and leadership.

PS. Our prices are increasing soon, so get your tickets now! Prices go up on Friday, 16th of June, at 23:59 EEST

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News Nordic Business Forum 2023

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