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How to Craft a Stand-Out Speaker Contest Application

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We’re bringing back our Speaker Contest for its third year and applications are open until 14 February. This time the contest is bigger with altogether five qualifiers! We are also hosting the contest this year together with Oslo Business Forum. On top of speaking at NBForum in Helsinki, the winner will also win a spot to speak in Oslo. Make sure to get your application in on time!

We have received a lot of comments and inquiries about the contest from people across the globe interested in taking part. Among the comments are a number of questions about how to stand out in a crowd of highly talented individuals. We thought it was such a good question, it deserved more than a tweet or two.

Without further ado, here are our 5 tips to stand out from the crowd with your video application:

1. Stay on topic

The winner will be speaking at Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki and Oslo Business Forum in Oslo to altogether over 10,000 CEOs and business executives who are eager to hear about Future of Work, Future of Marketing, and Disruptive Technologies for Business. Their goal is to learn something or meet someone or discover an idea that they can use to improve the way they work and/or lead. So, don’t get sidetracked; find an idea that resonates with your audience and delivers real value.

2. Tell us the highlights

Your video pitch can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes long, which gives you approximately 500 words to convince us that you belong on stage. It may sound reasonable, but we encourage you to focus not only on what you say but on how you say it. Start by addressing the big picture of your topic, tell us a few memorable key points, and then use your time to show us your presentation style. Extra credit goes to applicants who leave us wanting more!

3. Get real, not fancy

We’re not looking for someone with amazing video editing skills or someone who can dazzle audiences with jargon and implied knowledge – you can keep those bells and whistles at home. We’re looking for someone smart, doing something interesting, and who talks about it in a captivating way. The way to know that you’re doing a good job is by showing your audition video to a friend or colleague to see if they understand your message without any context – and asking them if they would like to hear more. If your answer is yes to both questions, then you’re on track for an authentic and interesting application.

4. Learn from the greats

Whether you’re looking for an idea or trying to refine your delivery, our previous speakers provide a wealth of inspiration just waiting for you. Browse through our YouTube channel and Facebook video archive to see what the others did to be effective and memorable. What makes these speakers stand out to you? Perhaps it’s how Guy Kawasaki charmed and informed his audiences, or how Gary Vaynerchuk stunned audiences with simple truths, or maybe you related to Nick Vujicic’s use of humor and storytelling. There’s no right answer, but you’re sure to find a lifeline.

5. Show us your personality

Our speakers are fantastic, we chose them for a reason. But if you have a look at everyone from Al Gore to Carla Harris, you’ll notice that they don’t have a lot in common. Their topics are different, their styles are different, their persuasive techniques are different. The common factor? They’re unlike anyone else in their field. We’re not looking for Joe Schmo who fits in with any crowd, we’re looking for Richard Branson. You have unique and practical experiences that are new to us, so don’t be afraid to show us who you are.

And there you have it – 5 ways to create a wow-worthy video. Visit our Speaker Contest page for rules, dates, and other useful information.

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