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The hottest hashtag of the week: #NBForum2016

Nordic Business Forum 2016 is only a few days away, which means that social media is already buzzing and bubbling with anticipation. Stay tuned for our posts across the social sphere and join the conversation! Here’s what we’re up to before, during and after the event.

Correct hashtag is #NBForum2016

First of all, the most important: the correct hashtag for this year’s event is #NBForum2016. This means that with other hashtags you are taking part in wrong conversations. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the abbreviation NBF that many people use, is also used to refer to many other events (National Beer Festival, National Balloon Festival, National Book Festival etc.) and associations, which means that your post with #NBF2016 will get mixed with other events. Therefore, make sure you use the correct hashtag in all of your posts and you will take part in the right conversation.

Before the event

Don’t miss a moment – follow and join the conversation already before the event. Event updates, important information, and tips are being shared all the time. As the speakers are the key in our event, we have been introducing each speaker, so you know what to expect. Read the “Speaker of the week” posts from our blog and the articles of the speakers from our newest Nordic Business Report.

During the event

During the event days we will be sharing insights from the presentations with short clips, quotes and live reports. Naturally, we will also share many event updates and tips in our social media channels.

Twitter is the single most important platform during the event as it allows short updates with text and image instantly and globally. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and our blog will also help you to stay up-to-date, revise the content and be a part of the conversation during the event. Make sure you follow us in each channel!

After the event

The conversation doesn’t end when the event ends. We will continue to share the best moments and insights from the event with you across the social media. A great way for you to go back to the ideas is to watch the keynotes with the on-demand live stream. VIP and First Class guests will receive a live stream license code, in order to go back to the speeches for 30 days after the event. Other attendees can do the same by purchasing the live stream here.

Enjoy the event and take part in the conversation #NBForum2016!


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