Journey to the Speaker Contest with Tobias Dahlberg

As we are on a lookout for the next speaker talent ready to walk on stage at Nordic Business Forum 2019, we have another source of inspiration for all aspiring speakers! To help you get going with the applications for the Speaker Contest 2019, we interviewed Tobias Dahlberg, one of the finalists in Speaker Sourcing Contest 2018, whose presentation was entitled, “The Only – The Most Powerful Strategy In Business”.

Journey to Speaker Contest Interview

Nordic Business Forum: Hi Tobias! Tell us, what were the reasons you wanted to participate in the Speaker  Contest 2018?

Tobias Dahlberg: I have been attending every NBF event, apart from the first one. Every year I have thought about how great it would be to get on that stage, and so when the competition was announced, I knew I had to participate.

NBForum: How did you choose your subject for your presentation?

TD: I chose my subject based on two criteria. First, differentiation and brand building are super important topics that I see so many companies struggling with, and my goal is to help entrepreneurs and businesses expand their potential and reach their goals. And second, it is a subject I have been consulting clients on for 12 years, so I have complete confidence in my material.

NBForum: What can you tell us about your experience and your journey with us?

TD: It was a very nice journey as a whole. I did not know what to expect and I did not give it much thought until I made it to the finals. For that, I received great coaching from André and Hape, and I spent some nights and weekends rehearsing my speech despite trying to lead my two consultancies. That meant long days, but it was all worth it. I was happy with my presentation, although I lost.

NBForum: Talk to us about the learning process. What did you get out of this experience?

TD: Whenever you have to present something, you are the one who will learn the most. So you cannot really lose, even though you might not win the competition. In addition to clarifying my own thinking, I made lots of great connections, so many nice people who I want to stay in connection with in the future. And if you make it to the finals, some good things will come out if it, and many things have.

NBForum: Great! And last, but not least… Do you have any advice for someone else wanting to participate in the contest?

TD: I would encourage who has that inner voice that tells them they should do it to just go for it. The only way to step outside your comfort zone, if you are nervous, is to start. Spent lots of time on your speech, and reserve enough time for rehearsing. You will not regret it, I promise.

Speaker Sourcing Contest Finals 2018 – Tobias Dahlberg

About Speaker Contest

We are on the lookout for a game changer. Nordic Business Forum is hosting its annual Speaker Contest (formerly the Speaker Sourcing Contest) – with qualifying rounds in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo – in which we hope to discover ingenious talent, innovative concepts, and intriguing perspectives from professionals and first-timers alike. Speakers who impress the judges and make it to the final round will compete to win €30,000 and a spot in the speaker lineup for Nordic Business Forum 2019.

Are you working on the next big thing? Have you got an inspiring speech that you have always wanted to try out in front of an audience? Do you think you have what it takes to speak in front of thousands of people?



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