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Leader’s Digest | April 2022

This time, our biweekly newsletter offers insights into leadership, culture, and the future of work with the help of Seth Godin, Jim Euchner, and our Speaker Contest semifinalists.

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🚀  Blog: What should leaders focus on to make their organizations thrive in the future of work? Check our list of 5 leadership focuses.

🎯  Blog + Webinar Recording: “The future of work is human-led, technology-enabled, intentionally diverse, and built for speed.” At our latest webinar, Terence Mauri offered the 3 ways to succeed in the future of work.

📰  Article: What happened in the world of business last month? Check the latest review by Nordic Business Report.

Opportunity to Step Up

— Free Webinar on Strategic Work in a Turbulent Geopolitical Landscape

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused above all dreadful loss, grief, anxiety, and fear. It has also drastically changed the geopolitical landscape we operate in as businesses. So, how should you navigate your business strategy in this turbulent environment?

We’ll try to find that out at our next live webinar on the 28th of April as we sit down with the economist and author, Kjell A Nordström. During the session, we will hear insights to questions such as:

→ What are the emerging risks you need to be aware of?
→ How can you navigate in the current geopolitical landscape?
→ How can you work strategically in a fast changing environment?

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Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

— TED Talk on Purpose in Business

The importance of having a clear purpose and the benefits of having one are probably clear to most leaders. But the difficulty often lies in how you embed purpose across your organization.

In her fresh TED talk, stategist Ashley M. Grice shares three important points to help you do this:

  • Make sure that your purpose is authentic. “Purpose that is rooted in your ethos, distinctive to your brand, meaningful to all of your stakeholders, and consistent with you values, is authentic.”
  • Be critical in excavating purpose from the inside out. “Purpose is uncomfortable. It should be because you are introducing a tension between idealism and realism: who you really want to be and who you are capable of being today and in the future.”
  • Ensure that your purpose applies to the whole of the organization. “Purpose is not a CEO vanity project.”

For more great insights on purpose, we suggest you watch Ashley’s entire talk.

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Stop and Think

“We don’t need to work harder, we need to work differently.” – Jitske Kramer


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