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Lessons from NBFNorway and NBFSweden

It has been a few weeks since our inaugural event in Oslo and our second event in Stockholm, and we have been overjoyed to see all the articles and blogs about the events that have been posted. Each event may have only lasted for a day, but your insights are a continuous source of inspiration!

We have compiled a list of everything that we have come across in the last few days, which summarize and analyze different aspects of the events. Have a look through them and let us know if we missed anything:

In English:

In Norwegian:

In Finnish:

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for sharing your ideas, lessons, and feedback. We love hearing about your experience with us, and we truly appreciate the time you spent with us! If you’re still thinking and reflecting, we hope to see more posts pop up on our feed.

From our side, we recapped the event in a few different ways that you might want to (re)visit and use to complement your own notes:

  • On Twitter, you’ll find quotes and ideas captured during each speaker’s presentation, using the hashtags #NBFNorway and #NBFSweden
  • On our blog, check out the talented Linda Saukko-Rauta’s visual notes from NBFSweden 2018 and NBFNorway 2018
  • On Nordic Business Report, you can read short articles based on the NBFSweden 2018 mainstage presentations
  • Coming soon: our combined Executive Summary of both NBFSweden 2018 and NBFNorway 2018!