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NBFNorway and NBFSweden: From Ideas to Action

This past week, we’ve experienced our first NBFNorway and the second ever NBFSweden, both of which went off without a hitch! But the question now is this: what’s next?

What you do after our events is just as important as the before and during preparations. To make the most of the new ideas and business relationships that our conferences inspired, the next step is to do the follow-up and time to turn them into action!

And we know how to help you get started…

Contact your new connections

Connections in business are as important as the location in real estate — it’s the most valuable thing with which you walk away. And, if you used Brella, we’re willing to bet that you met a lot of new people during the event day.

As such, use this time to reach out to your new contacts. In fact, you can even reach out to event guests whom you missed meeting by using your shared attendance at NBFNorway and NBFSweden to break the ice! Connect on LinkedIn, exchange emails, and set up more meetings. The fun doesn’t stop here!

Revisit your notes

Each of our events must have been exhausting with all the notes you were taking during our speaker sessions, right? We hope you took all the notes possible because the next few days are an ideal time to revisit them and reflect on what you learned! See if your ideas and thoughts have developed — do you see things differently now than you did a few days ago? Whether you do or don’t, rewrite the key elements of each speech that can be applied to your work and life now and in the future.

Once you’ve done that, put a recurring reminder on your calendar to check back on your notes, ideas, and action plans, and update them as you go.

Expand your notes

Are your notes more literary than visual? We have you covered! The talented Linda Saukko-Rauta encapsulated the key points of each presentation at NBFNorway and NBFSweden in sketch notes. Use them as pictorial reminders of your lessons learned.

If you’re looking for something more extensive, we provide you with a thorough executive summary of all the sessions at both events (we will let you know when it’s ready). Read it carefully and fill in any gaps in your own notes and thoughts.

For a snapshot report from each of our speaker sessions in NBFSweden, take a look at our instant articles! These are ideal, bite-size articles that our journalists published after each speech, and we think they will help you revisit overarching ideas, stories, and help you with your continuous learning process.

Share your lessons

One of the best ways to learn is to teach. So, in the coming weeks and months, we encourage you to deepen your own learning and understanding by sharing your insights with others. Give a presentation to your colleagues so your entire team (or organization) can benefit! Write an article on LinkedIn, or on a blog, to share your memories and lessons. When you write your ideas down, it helps you process them further.

Keep the conversation going using #NBFNorway and #NBFSweden

We’ve got a wealth of content on our social channels and website, but so do our fabulous guests! Browse through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram looking for #NBFNorway and #NBFSweden. You will definitely come across conversation-worthy material online. Take part in the conversation and see new ideas, concepts, and relationships develop!

Lastly… Make it happen!

The ball’s in your court now. We’ve given you all the tools, and now it’s your chance to go back into your workplace and make the world a better place through better business.

Not sure where to start? Make a plan. List 3 ideas that you want to see happen in your professional and/or personal life. Some of these ideas may be small and easy to achieve, some may be big, long-term goals; changing the way you work is never easy, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As such, list 1 action next to each idea that will help make it a reality. Now you have at least 1 way to start achieving each idea.

Happy planning, happy executing, and happy developing! Best of luck from us to you!


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