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Speaker of the week: Seth Godin

Seth Godin has the intention to change the way people think and get people to make it happen. Godin, a bestselling author, speaker and marketer will explain to us how to get our ideas spread.

Godin not only aims to make other people get things done, but he also shows a great example. He has written 18 books and over 5,500 blog posts, given 3 TED talks, found two companies and the list goes on. Godin is probably best known for his bestselling books and praised blog, but there’s, in fact, a lot more to him than his writings.

In 1995, he launched a company called Yoyodyne, which used innovative ideas to promote companies among their target audiences. Godin sold the company to Yahoo only three years later. In 2006, he started another successful company, called Squidoo, a community website which allows its users to create pages for subjects of interest. HubPages acquired Squidoo in 2014. Godin is also the person behind ChangeThis, a website for spreading ideas through PDFs.

It’s obvious that the man has numerous innovative ideas, but he is also very capable of presenting those ideas in a memorable and inspirational way. This is probably one of the reasons why he entered the education business as well. Already in 2008, he gave a 6-month alternative MBA for 9 students and in 2014 he started offering online courses as an alternative to books. Last year he designed altMBA, an intensive, 4-week online workshop and is still offering it for “high-performing individuals, who want to level up and lead”.

It’s worth highlighting that during all these projects he has also written 18 books, which for some is a life’s work. His books deal with topics such as marketing, leadership, work, and  self-development. If you haven’t read any of Godin’s books or other writings, we suggest you do so.

At Nordic Business Forum 2016, Godin, whose picture is also hanging on the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, will speak under the theme of Marketing.

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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2016 Past Events

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