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Who Are We Looking For? | Speaker Contest 2023

This year’s Speaker Contest is already the fourth of its kind. But how did it all begin? What is the true purpose of the Speaker Contest? We gathered the answers to this blog—perhaps you know someone who’s exactly what we’re looking for.

How it All Began

Many professionals step on the stage in Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam, but for the past three events, we have looked for new, fresh voices to join our lineup. How did it all begin? Our Founder Hans-Peter Siefen took us on a journey down memory lane and explained how the Speaker Contest began:

“The Contest started in 2017 when we were pondering the speakers for 2018. I was cycling home from the office when I got the idea for such a contest. With it, we could validate an impactful business idea/concept and give a platform to a great speaker at the same time. Everyone liked the idea and the wheels started turning.” – Hans-Peter Siefen, Group CEO & Founder

The Perfect Candidate

From the very beginning, the aim of the Speaker Contest has been to find new talent and interesting ideas that may not have yet had the chance to be voiced out. Therefore, we welcome all applicants from professionals to beginners! We can never know where the next incredible idea will come from, or from whom.

The only strict qualifications are that you can speak sufficient English and have the courage to step on a stage in front of over 10 000 business leaders!

“By organizing this contest we are looking for candidates that provide original concepts and thought-provoking perspectives. Our goal is always to empower leaders to change the world through our content and we have found that the Speaker Contest creates a platform where we can find new ingenious talent that presents fresh thinking. At the end of the day, we want speakers who can provide our audience with implementable ideas and actionable tools that they can bring back to their companies to improve.” – Andreas Kustås, Executive Producer

An Impeccable Idea

How can you know if your idea is worth sharing if you don’t show it off? We are looking for something new and creative, perhaps something surprising. The topic should also be focused and fit the overall theme of the Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam events. The specific topic categories for this competition are Leadership, Innovation, and Sustainability. Within these themes, your idea should have a connection to business and be implementable for businesses.

The way in which you present your ideas should also be inspiring. The format can be anything from a PowerPoint presentation to a drawing board, like in last year’s winner Duncan Wardle’s keynote. You can even use props such as James Hewitt did in his winning speech in 2018—he wore an EEG headset on stage. Truly, only the sky’s the limit when it comes to both the content and the methods.

“We are looking for an idea/concept that breaks the bank at Nordic, Oslo, and Amsterdam Business Forum. Something that we believe the business leaders in our audience yearn in their work on leadership, growth, and changing the world. Something that we believe will greatly benefit our target audience. And presented in a way that it sinks like a hot knife in cold butter.” – Hans-Peter Siefen, Group CEO & Founder

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Apply for Speaker Contest 2023

This year’s winner will rise on stage to give a keynote in front of thousands of business leaders in Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam in September 2023. They will also get compensated for their work with a speaking fee of 50,000€ for the three events.

If you feel like you fit the description to be our next Speaker Contest Winner, apply now! Or, if you know someone who is perfect for the job, let them know!

The application deadline is on the 22nd of January, so there is still plenty of time to get your ideas in order. Create a written pitch, capture your idea in a video, and—most importantly—press submit!

Apply Now!


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