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New Ranking: 35 Young North European Business Owners

Nordic Business Report proudly presents the 35 Young North European Business Owners!

The North European Young Business Initiative encourages business professionals to discover new opportunities to thrive through networking and exchanging ideas. One of the outcomes of this initiative is a list of the top 35 most influential North European business owners, which a renowned jury has selected based on the candidates’ accomplishments, impact, responsibility, scale/growth rate of their business, and future potential.

However, as jury chairman Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO of Business Forum Group, emphasizes, the list is by no means the end in itself. First and foremost, the initiative is about facilitating a platform for influential business owners to meet each other and generate new business opportunities and relationships. This is also why the selected business owners are invited to meet on-site at Nordic Business Forum 2022 in Helsinki this September.

“We wanted to create a process to find the right personalities which we could then invite to work together to keep making the most of their business potential,” Siefen points out. “Especially considering the current situation in Europe, bringing these bright and accomplished minds together to tackle the problems at hand can translate into enormous opportunities.”

Additionally, the audience of the conference will get to hear from two business owners who made their way to the ranking: Miki Kuusi, the CEO of Wolt, and Kristel Kruustük, the co-founder of Testlio. The two will engage in a moderated conversation about the future of work on the main stage at NBF 2022. During the session, they will share their insights regarding the shift in the way we work and the changing expectations of employees, among other topics.

To learn more about the ranking and to find out who made it to the list, visit the Nordic Business Report website.

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