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Leader’s Digest | November Part 2

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💡 Alex Osterwalder rethinks innovation: how to turn your activities into impactful results?

📈 94% of CEOs believe that their company is not good enough at innovating. Put innovation at the heart of your organization today.

💥 Four frictions prevent you from innovating: Inertia, Effort, Emotion, and Reactance. Learn how to overcome them.

Opportunity to Step Up

On November 4th, we hosted a webinar with Costas Markides. During the session, Costas explored a few ways in which an organization can prepare for continuous disruption. You can watch the recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel.

Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

In times of uncertainty, it’s useful to seek guidance from outside sources. Unexpectedly, you can gain fresh ideas from ancient wisdom, like the Stoics.

In The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday shares inspiring lessons about life. He also hosts interviews with a variety of guests such as Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell, and Matthew McConaughey.

Stop and Think

“In order to innovate, you must teach your team how to innovate. But how do you teach people how to innovate? You must teach them how to fail.”

– Carla Harris


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World’s #1 Management Thinker is Coming to NBF 2022

Last night, Thinkers50 announced its 2021 ranking of management thinkers. We are thrilled to see that Harvard professor and Nordic Business Forum 2022 speaker Amy Edmondson is the #1 business thinker globally. Two other NBForum2022 speakers, Erin Meyer and Martin […]

Patrick Lencioni at Nordic Business Forum Helsinki 2017

Patrick Lencioni – Leading for the Right Reasons in the Post-Pandemic Era

In May 2020, Patrick Lencioni, a bestselling author and a thought leader, gave a passionate talk at our online event on leadership. He emphasized the importance of having the right reason—the right why—to be a leader and challenged us to […]